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Dear Students,

are you interested in becoming a chair at MUNOL 2015?

The position paper deadline is the 15th of April 2014!

The research reports are online as well, fulfil yourself with inspiration.

***The Research Reports 2014 are now online!!!***

Please use them for your Position Paper which has to be sent in by the 15th of April to the e-mail addresses of your Chairs!
You can find them  here .

Yours Secretaries-General 

Official final registration for MUNOL 2014 will open at the end of January!

Dear MUNOL-♥-ers around the world,


after some great months of work and intense research we feel proud to announce that the agenda of MUNOL 2014 has finally been completed.


Again, we have decided to run our conference under an overarching theme: "Internet, Information & Espio...

***The Position Papers are now online!***

You can find them here:  Position Papers

Yours Secretaries-General 

***The Research Reports are now online!!!***

Please use them for your Position Paper which has to be sent in by the 25th of February to the e-mail addresses of your Chairs!
You can find them  here .

Yours Secretaries-General 

The Final-Registrations have been sent out.





All participating schools have received their username and password for the online registration. Please log in and fill out the respective forms as soon as possible.


If any problems should occur contact us via email at .


Dear Students and MUN-Directors,

The Issues on the Agenda 2013 have been published. 



Kind regards and a productive research!

Stine and Gwinyai

Do you want to be a chair at MUNOL 2013?

The chairworkshop will take place in the Thomas-Mann-Schule on:


29.09.2012 and 30.09.2012



If you want to participate as a chair, have any questions to ask or you want to be a chair but you absolutely cannot make it to the workshop, send an e-mail to until the 23rd of September!

If there are still delegations from MUNOL 2012 wishing to recieve their certificates, please send us an email to , containing your school, your full name, your private or your schools adress and your assigned country. We will send your certificates via mail as soon as possible.


Kind regards,


Mats Barkow

Do you want to become President of the General Assembly 2013?

Send an application until the 23rd of September!

Being the PGA means you are also automatically acting as a chair. You would also lead through the opening and closing ceremonies as well as chair the GA. Furthermore you should be aware of the fact that being the PGA also takes a lot of preparation work prior to the conference.

Your application should include your personal information, your MUN-experience, why you want to be PGA and why you think you would be suitable for the job. 

Send us your application to

Dear Teachers and Students,


On behalf of the organizing team of the 16th session of Model United Nations of Lübeck, I am proud to announce that the upcoming conference of MUNOL 2013 will be held in Lübeck from 22rd April to 27th April. You will be informed as soon as the pre-registration is opened and also about any other important development concerning MUNOL on the website.


Furthermore I would like to present the officials that will be responsible for organizing the conference in 2013:


Mats Barkow – Conference Manager

Felix Lehwald-Kipp – Assistant Conference Manager

Stine Walter – Secretary-General

Gwinyai Machona – Deputy Secretary-General

Jasper Specht –  Financial Manager


Personally, I have great confidence in the team and we will be working really hard to make sure the 16th MUNOL will be an outstanding and enjoyable conference. If you have questions of any kind please contact us, we will be more than pleased to answer them.


Yours faithfully,


Mats Barkow

Fellow MUNOL friends, the Association has an announcement to make: Christian Kreuder-Sonnen (Chairman of the Association) and Philipp Körkemeyer (Treasurer) have retired from their position during this year’s meeting on April 27th. After five years of extraordinary dedication and constant support, these two pioneers in the administrative organization of MUNOL switch their focus to other perspectives in their professional lives. In the name of the MUNOL Association and all the friends and supporters we want to thank them for their incredible effort during the last five years.

Our guest-speaker Ben Okafor - Artistic Director of the organization "Amaka Beautiful Child" - came to Lübeck from England with the Chair of the organization Alison Webster. The former child-soldier performed his songs during the Opening Ceremony in the Kolosseum and delivered speeches the day after in the Thomas-Mann-Schule. We thank Alison and Ben for coming to MUNOL and enriching the conference in a special way! Here is a message to all participants of MUNOL 2012


Dear MUNOL delegate,


We trust you have now returned safely to your home country, and that your MUNOL experience was all that you hoped for and much more. We write to thank you for your warm welcome and for making us a part of MUNOL 2012. It was a great joy for us to contribute.


Your focus and commitment were a joy to see and experience. We write to congratulate you on this, and on the seriousness with which you embraced difficult issues of crucial importance to millions of men, women and children around the globe.


We feel sure that you are already thinking of ways in which you can further pursue all that you learned and felt at MUNOL. For this reason we are confident that you will faithfully apply yourself to bringing about positive change in the world. From experience we know that engaging with this will involve you in discussions and initiatives in your schools and colleges in an ongoing way.


ABC would love to work and collaborate with you in the process of finding your dream for the world and making it real. This can be done either through ABC workshops or Ben Okafor concerts. Please write to us (an email to our company administrator Claire Jones is best:


Once again, many congratulations on your achievements this week.


With very best wishes,


Alison & Ben


Alison Webster (Chair) & Ben Okafor (Artistic Director)


For more information you can also check the website of Amaka Beautiful Child: